Episode 84 – Mythmaker

Snowed out in the aboveground world, experiential journalist Rak Razam and Benton Rooks, writer for Reality Sandwich, graphic novelist of the newly released 'Kali Yuga' and mythic world bridger, descend to an underground car park in Boston where they discuss the parameters of 'entheodelic' storytelling that represents entheogenic and psychedelic culture. What are the origins of indigenous stories, science fiction and Hollywood films? Is there an entheodelic movement of storytellers that parallels the visionary art explosion? Are these Innerspace narratives fuelled by the plant spirit consciousnesses themselves?

Can we explore and share the inner frontier through what Rooks calls 'narrative medicine? Are we experiencing a 'divine invasion' of memetic form as the spirit world grounds itself through our media, and the contours of new global mythology take shape in our stories? Can the military-industrial-entertainment complex co-opt the emerging shamanic paradigm? And what about Skrillex and machine- consciousness-glitch-magic? A provocative experiential discussion and call to arms for writers and artists everywhere, from the noisy depths of the Boston underworld. 

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Originally aired on: Apr 30, 2014