Episode 83 – Big Think

Come on a guided tour of evolutionary hyperspace with experiential journalist Rak Razam and paleontologist-poet-philosopher, visionary artist, electroacoustic musician, futurist, cultural critic, intellectual avantgarde thinker and "Big Ideas" bodhisattva Michael Garfield. If the medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan said, how do we communicate the BIG IDEAS that matter that can help us survive in the changing paradigm we find ourselves in?

Garfield offers a long and provocative burst of synaptic ideation that explores ideas like mind viruses, transparency-surveillance culture, the technocratic priestcraft, Buckminster Fuller, Teilhard de Chardin, machine super intelligences, the Church of Goople and AI's, Big Mama vs. Big Brother, TechnoUtopia, psychedelics, ego dissolution, fembots, synergistic bacterial lifeforms and the cosmic biosphere, romancing the Skynet, BitCoin and Cryptocurrencies, Vernor Vinge and ensemble/wearable computing, having sex on GoogleGlass, cyborg anthropology, mesh networks and the bit torrenting of culture, capitalism vs. unitarism and species extinction, open source power redistribution, superhuman-metahumans and the war on transhuman consciousness surfing the wave of chaos, the transcendental mystery and the species nanorgasm of singularity… Is this really the ENDOFTHEWORLDASWEKNOWIT? BIG THINK will guide you through…

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Originally aired on: Apr 16, 2014