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Hello and welcome to my site. My name’s Rak Razam and I’m a mythic storyteller: a screenwriter, author, journalist, filmmaker and public speaker. I’ve been seeking the Mystery in one shape of another all my adult life. What is the Mystery? You could say it’s why we’re here. Who we are. And what we’re becoming. 

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In my decades of interviews for mainstream and alternative media I have found the others, the seekers and the wisdom holders. Collectively we have the pieces to the puzzle of a healthy, sustainable, meaningful new paradigm that unites ancient wisdom with future technology. A thread through the labyrinth of disinformation and division that points towards home. Check our my latest content here:


White Lightning

An interview with legendary 60's acid chemist
"Bear" Owsley Stanley

New Maps 
of Hyperspace

Video interviews from the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference 2010


An essential map of hyperspace for the contemporary psychonaut.


Video extras from the DVD feature film Aya: Awakenings 


The seminal gonzo report on Albert Hofmann the discoverer of LSD.


A dazzling collection of illustrated short stories from a future coming real.

Mystery School

A seminal collection of lectures delivered at conferences worldwide and a map of my own journey of discovery. Think of them as a mystery school in microcosm.

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