Episode 85 – Navigating Altered States

with Meriana Dinkova

How can the modern psychonaut best navigate innerspace? Experiential journalist Rak Razam meets Western psychotherapist and relationship counselor Meriana Dinkova, who also organizes retreats in Peru combining Medicine Work and neo-shamanistic psychotherapeutic tools. Meriana discusses her experience as a woman in the machismo world of male shamans and how to use advanced psychological techniques to navigate the shamanic landscape and hack the unconscious. Her spiritual toolkit embraces somatic techniques, mudras, NLP, breathing, visualization, command words, hypnotic techniques and much more to maximize our potential within altered space.

But how do we recognize and protect ourselves from the entities native to these realms? Can we choose our own cultural archetypes as allies and godforms in the shamanic space (Spiderman and Yoda vs. jaguars and snakes?)? And can we integrate these deep experiences after the journey and find support within the psychedelic and shamanic community to facilitate this integration? Meriana is the author of the upcoming book 'Navigating Altered States' and is hosting deep shamanic healing retreats in Peru in July and December 2014 with experienced shamans. (In a Perfect World is an affiliate partner, so please mention us if you book: July Shamanic Retreat in Peru with Ricardo Amaringo and The Retreat's Facebook Event )

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Originally aired on: Jun 4, 2014