Episode 27 – One Tree

A 'pillow talk' about the ayahuasca movement conducted the morning after a journey into the infinite with Lara Star, a moderator from the ayahuasca.com forums... In which Lara and experiential journalist Rak Razam discuss Haoma (Syrian Rue) and the branching of the pure Amazonian tradition with the Middle Eastern mystic experience of "haomauasca". If ayahuasca is the "Madre", then Syrian Rue is the Prince, a warrior spirit, Lara suggests, kissing cousins from the same tree, the One Tree that hosts different plant devas in an overall family.

Lara trained with the Peruvian Q'eros shaman Armundo who trained her in the cosmovision of the Andes under San Padro, mescilito and ayahuasca. Here she discusses the ayahuasca.com forums as part of the global shift and an infinite library of initiates awakening. Different shamans initiate and play different roles to different energy needs, but Lara says the point is to get people switched on, and if they're not switched on, they need to die and be reborn, opening back up to the great pool of becoming…

Originally aired on: Apr 13, 2010