Episode 105 – DiVergenT

Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and guest Jo Slater, who, four years ago, suffered a blow to the head that left her brain damaged and rerouted her neurochemistry at the same time.

Healed by an Australian indigenous medicine person with the didgeridoo, Slater also experienced endogenous tryptamine excitation that led her into the shamanic realm and a spiritual path. As she healed, she was drawn to study neuroscience to explain her condition and what she calls ‘endotheogens’: the spontaneous and natural secretion of tryptamines in the brain at levels beyond the Western norm.

Told by her aboriginal Arnhem land tribe to share this knowledge with the world, Slater communicates her shamanic initiation and her scientific thesis behind her neurochemical reaction. Titled: Metabolites of Tryptamine: Endogenous psychedelic neurotransmitters, and N,N dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in explaining a new pathway to produce Serotonin, Melatonin and hallucinations, she posits a natural rerouting ability of the brain that promotes Divergent pathways for endogenous chemical synthesis.

She has also found naturally occurring enzymes that promote endogenous tryptamines. She has been working on integrating this neuroscience perspective with the indigenous wisdom and cosmology of an interdependent reality with entities, ancestors and embedded cultural wisdom. Jo Slater will speak at the 2016 Somara Shamanic Medicine Forum, held Feb 2-7th, 2016, in Byron Bay and webcast for the global tribe.

Originally aired on: Jan 31, 2016