Episode 52 – Mum and Dad aren’t Shamans

Experiential journalist Rak Razam gets all down-to-earth with Shane and Margaret, shamanic practitioners 'not shamans!' in Australia, trained in the Peruvian style with both Wachuma and Ayahuasca entheogenic sacraments, and part of the spiritual business of the second generation of the global shamanic resurgence. Hear their intimate stories of shamanic initiation and the challenges they and healers like them across the planet face as they work in their local communities.

How much of the indigenous practice can be incorporated into the Western model without a type of spiritual imperialism encroaching? Shane and Margaret, affectionately known as "Mother" and "Father" by their clients, often young "chicks" under their wing, create space as the new elders to undergo classic initiation rites, as foretold by the Peruvian legend of the Eagle and the Condor. As the rise of Western Shamans continues, are we seeing the rebirth of the Children of the Sun or a mongrel spirituality? A laid-back, family conversation with mum and dad, not shamans.

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Photo courtesy of EntheoGenesis Australis ©2009

Originally aired on: Oct 10, 2011