Episode 51 – Cleva Fela

Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and his special guest 'Cleva Fela' and his many children in this unique character profile of a white man dreaming of the indigenous Australian land and culture. 'Cleva Fellas' is a slang expression for medicine men in Aboriginal culture. 

This Cleva Fela, whilst making no claims to the role, has spent years in the indigenous way of life and shares his experiences with us. Learn about the songlines, mobs, naming conventions, the dreaming clusters, the use of entheogenic plants and altered states of mind within a culture that already sees the world as an altered state of being. Cleva shares his initiation into the cultures of Australian aboriginals and the challenges of integrating their worldview into our own in this intimate family conversation held in Mullumbimby, NSW.

Originally aired on: Sep 17, 2011