Episode 50 – Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse

You are cordially invited to the 50th In a Perfect World podcast, for which experiential journalist Rak Razam hosts a dinner party unlike any other, held in these perilous times of planetary awakening in late July 2011, or as is soon becoming apparent, the Edge of the Apocalypse. Joining us tonight are the Wizards of Oz: Darpan, global shamanic facilitator. Dan Schreiber, founder of Starseed Gardens in NNSW, Nen, perhaps the Grandmaster of Spice on the DMT-Nexus forums, and Kaiser Om, ruly zen master. On your menu in this epic conversation of fine minds and shamanic memes:

* The origin of existence and the nature of all things
*Entheogenic plants, DMT and tryptamines in all their myriad forms as the chemical messengers of the earth
* The shamanic revival and the hyperspatial experience as a precursor to species migration *Astronomical alignments, 2012 as a cosmic event, not a date; space weather, Comet Elenin and imminent planetary change
*The End of Time, the Apocalypse or "lifting of the veil", the revealing of truth and the world as it really is
* The secret to the mystery and the mystery of the secret. No delicacy shall be left untasted, no mind left unsatied. Join us in this rambunctious and insightful dialogue in celebration, acceptance and love of this perfect world.

Originally aired on: Aug 21, 2011