Episode 111 – The Politics of Consciousness

A seminal conversation over the integration, absorption, commodification and correct relationship with entheogens and psychedelics by Western culture between Dimitri Mugianis and Rak Razam. "Psychedelics are regarded by many as a tool for personal and social transformation. And yet, even at this moment of rising racial tension, the psychedelic community mirrors the white privilege common across much of our society.

What is the role of psychedelics in the current racial atmosphere? Why are the descendants of the indigenous peoples, who are the source of profound plant spirit traditions, so disconnected from the medicine lineages of their ancestors? What can be done to defend against the cooptation of sacred indigenous traditions by Westerners in search of novel "experiences," and who exploits these traditions for financial gain? Is there an unexamined bias and racial exclusion that continues to be a part of the psychedelic culture?" 

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Originally aired on: Aug 2, 2016