Episode 13 – God Takes A Holiday

A deep meta-programming discussion of the self-organizing patterning of God, with experiential podcaster Rak Razam and Colonel Kurtz, the "most dangerous mind in psychedelia".

How does reality self-regulate itself, and how conscious is it of the cosmic ecosystem it has created? If we're all part of the spiritual food chain, should we resist being fed and being fed upon by higher Invisible Vampiric Hierarchies? Does the core God-consciousness roll out a template pattern, like a web 'skin' for how things work in the universe, that all subordinate god patterns have to follow? Are we all 'Meta-Africans' depleted by higher forces and starving for their God-nature? If the role of God is like that of a CPU, then even God must one day take a holiday... But who shall replace him in the cosmic shift-handover? Can an entheonaut with pure intent grasp the mantle, and who is pure enough? Arbitrary meta-patterns, self-organizing patterning, spiritual hierarchies and divine networks... let Colonel Kurtz expand your vocabulary for the wireframe under reality and code a viral meme bomb to deconstruct your paradigm.

A unique conversation covering the cresting of a generation of psychonauts, homo-morphism, the infamous Fnord Perfect 13th Floor Elevation Tripping Manual for entheogenesis (aka the 'Psychedelic Bible'), God-hacking and deep coding transmissions for those willing to brave the infinite. Be warned, listening to this podcast may alter your consciousness!

Originally aired on: Nov 25, 2009