Episode 119 – At Home in the Dark

Tune into this intimate and raw conversation with author and filmmaker Charles Shaw, who has released At Home in the Dark, a 17-part film series on EcoSalon that addresses both Shaw’s own battle with PTSD and the millions of others who suffer with it every day.

This far-ranging discussion examines the art of filmmaking in an attention-deficit culture, MSM, fake news and weaponizing the information sphere, The Donald, the Fourth Turning, global PTSD, ayahuasca and Shaw’s second new project, Soldiers of the Vine (ayahuasca with Iraqi-war vets).

Check out At Home in the Dark at ecosalon.com/film-series-sheds-light-ptsdand more of Charles’ work at Nomad Cinema: vimeo.com/nomadcinema

Originally aired on: Apr 1, 2017