Episode 142 – YOU are the Medicine

Beyond the peak experience lies the ceremony of life. How do we sacralize the moment, using the experiences of plant and earth medicines and our innate sensitivity to reveal that WE are the medicine? Can the wave of global psychedelic integration support help us embody the awareness of the lessons of peak states? Can we learn to turn those altered states into altered traits? Join immersive journalist Rak Razam and shamanic mentor Bloom Post in this timely discussion about ceremony, integration and walking a sacred path in life. How does trauma inform our own healing path?

How can we learn to navigate the Western psychological paradigm with the magical shamanic paradigm? What is the birth of a healer, and can Western culture hold that? Can we learn to appreciate natural sensitives and plant medicine-mediated connection to the planet? Can we utilize song, dance, trance and archaic techniques of ecstasy into the weave of our lives to potentiate the awareness of awareness?

For more information on Bloom, her ceremonies, teachings and mentorships, please visit: www.bloompost.com.

Originally aired on: Mar 1, 2019