Episode 14 – Spirits Of The Vine, Leaf & Flower

Join passionate plant heads sharing their experiences with psychoactive plants and their relationship to the Gaian matrix. Behind the chemistry, are there active intelligences in the plant world, and if so, how do we best interact with them? How can reclaiming our human-vegetal partnership help us become a sustainable culture? Why do we need to connect to the plant world? If plants can be teachers, can humans be students? What is our historical and bio-chemical relationship with plants? What does Nature have to teach us? What is the Australian plant kingdom's place in the global entheo blossoming?

Panel discussion held at EntheoGenesis Australis 2009 moderated by Rak Razam, featuring speakers: Jewelli Dollman, Dan Schreiber, Margaret Cross, Michael Bock, Julian Palmer, Rob Bruce and Mulga. photo courtesy of Spiral Monk© 2009

Originally aired on: Nov 28, 2009