Episode 106 – Breaking Open the Heart

Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head and the forthcoming book, How Soon is Now, talks with Rak Razam about planetary crisis and evolutionary pressure. As we face many social, economic and political challenges, can we utilize the revolutionary energy of these times to transform our very way of being? If consciousness is the key, how do we entrain our consciousness to come into a Gaian, planetary groove?

Is the shamanic revival helping nurture this consciousness, even as sacred plants become hip and commodified? Are we humans on the cusp of realizing we are a super organism in a symbiotic relationship with the earth as a whole system? Are corporations an organ of that being, and can we reclaim them and other cultural extensions to bring culture back into balance with nature? Is the planetary crisis our species initiation, and does it need us to break open our hearts and heads to survive? A thought-provoking discussion with two leading minds of the New Paradigm. 

Originally aired on: Feb 29, 2016