Episode 101 – Heart of Gold

The Mother is revered in various cultures as a source of life, wisdom and love. Join experiential journalist Rak Razam as he interviews Ayahuasca: Awakenings retreat participant Goldy, a 70-year-old woman experiencing her first entheogenic activation.

Share her story of awakening, from her time as a truck driver meeting UFOs to driving a Greyhound bus of souls across America, nurturing and embodying the Mother on her spiritual path.

Goldy works with her spirit guides, has a full spectrum understanding of the galactic situation, and shares her deep wisdom of what it means to be alive at this crucial point in consciousness evolution, peppered with spiritual insights and down-to-earth practicalities.

A very special episode of In a Perfect World shining light on a humble woman with a heart of gold and a message for us all...

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Originally aired on: Oct 1, 2015