Episode 137 – The Blue Lotus

Join immersive journalist Rak Razam and Rev. Aryshta, Dean of the Sacred Foundation, an organization dedicated to re-establishing the sacred traditions of ancient mystery schools and their entheogenic usage. Aryshta is a modern-day Priestess of Isis and the co-founder of the Priesthood of Neferetem, dedicated to the education and sacred use of the Blue Lotus flower. Learn how the Blue Lotus synergies with psilocybin and the changes to brain states it engenders. Listen to the history of entheogenic initiation in the mystery cults of Egypt, Greece and Rome and discover how those traditions and structures can support modern entheogenic work. Is the group ritual the next step in the Western relationship with the Divine?

For more information, see https://www.sacredfoundation.org and htttps://www.sacredbluelotus.com. The Sacred Foundation is also organizing a rescue mission in 2019 to establish a formal plan to farm and ensure the survival of the flower: https://www.sacredbluelotus.com/html/egyptian_tour.html

Originally aired on: Oct 1, 2018