Episode 47 – Planet Orwell

Experiential podcaster Rak Razam interviews Max Igan, 'memetic revolutionary' and podcaster of Surviving the Matrix, on American Voice Radio and probes the intertwined issues of planetary awakening and control. As the illusion of democracy crumbles across the globe and cancerous consumerism strip-mines the planet, are we on the verge of a New World Order of enslavement or enlightenment? Are they the two sides to a larger awareness?

Just who profits from a dead earth, anyway? Can a new language give us words for concepts beyond revolution or a Newspeak to entrain the left brain? Who writes the history books, and how far back does the organized conspiracy we call history really go? Where did all the gold go, and just who is the Central Intelligence whose eye is in the pyramid? Welcome to Planet Orwell (or is it All Well?), where everything you know is wrong, and the answers will provoke more questions.

Originally aired on: May 6, 2011