Episode 88 – Psychedelic Design in Hollywood

With Niles Heckman

In this special post-Burning Man 2014 edition, experiential journalist Rak Razam downloads with Hollywood writer and special effects guru Niles Heckman on the future of psychedelic cinema and how the shamanic resurgence is being anchored in mainstream media. Heckman has worked on industry films like Tron 2, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Matrix 2 and 3 and Avatar, and brings an insider's view of Hollywood and an understanding of the shamanic archetype to the fore. From early cave paintings to 21st-century blockbusters, art has always carried spirit.

But can modern CGI anchor the psychedelic experience in film, and what happens when those energies connect with the audience? Is there a conscious art underground infecting the Hollywood meme machine? Can the aperture of the heart open us up on the silver screen, and can a Psychedelic Hollywood re-enchant the masses? And what does the Human Centipede have to do with all this? 

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Originally aired on: Sep 5, 2014