Episode 48 – Digital Mystery Schools

Subversive independent documentary maker Ben Stewart of The Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica fame talks with experiential journalist Rak Razam. What is the nature of media in today's social networked world, where millions of people download documentaries like Stewart's to explore the nature of reality? How does this 'subversive' infotainment change the hierarchical control and flow of information?

As the 'conspiracy' stream evolves into a whole-system spiritual context, are these YouTube docos a rough type of digital mystery school, educating the global masses? Are these filmmakers fulfilling a shamanic need to bring to light repressed material for healing and transformation? Art is magic, so are DIY 'bedroom filmmakers' uploading a media spell to break the hold of Hollywood on the consciousness of the world? Is this the age of digital awakening?

Originally aired on: Jun 8, 2011