Episode 38 – SCENAR Man

Experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews Englishman Tom Askew, who is bridging the worlds of indigenous shamanism with 21st Century techno-shamanism... Tom is a certified SCENAR practitioner: The SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator and is a Russian device invented in the 1970s as a secret military project for Cosmonauts to use instead of drugs for healing and to prevent illness...

The SCENAR sends electromagnetic pulses that mimic the body's own frequencies to an affected area and tricks the brain into sending natural healing chemicals like serotonin and neuropeptides. It also works on healing emotional and energetic illness; Tom has used it on shamans and his third eye! It works so well that it has since been used by all paramedics in the Ukraine, by doctors in Germany and in almost 60 countries across the world. But what are the ramifications of this, and such techno-healing devices, outsourcing our own healing abilities? Is this the "killer app" for medicine?

Originally aired on: Aug 26, 2010