Episode 40 – The Temple of Awakening Divinity

Experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews Hal Lucius, High Priest of consciousness with the Temple of Awakening Divinity, a traveling medicine space using 5-MeO-DMT as its active psychedelic eucharist. Lucius draws upon his past as a ceremonial magician in the Crowley/ Golden Dawn Alchemical Hermetic tradition to anchor this syncretic entheogenic church turning on the West Coast with a "complete dissolution of egoic consciousness".

The Church claims a 95% success rate inducing a +4 on the Shulgin state with returning parishioners going into the godspace each time. But what are the dangers and logistics of a mystical-religious experience outsourced to an external catalyst? What are the benefits? Lucius posits that by changing the individual, the collective changes as well. The collective awakening is then part of the quickening of the paradigm change we are now experiencing. Is this the next wave of entheo-based gnostic religion? Hallaleuh, brothers and sisters!

Originally aired on: Dec 23, 2010