Episode 19 – Soldiers of God

Talking with Dylan about TOOL and the frequencies of sound that make up the world under the wireframes of reality... 2012 movie, and the mass coronal solar flare ejection from the Godhead that's coming in... Is TOOL the soundtrack to the apocalypse? Preparing for the transition... Homeopathic inoculation against the God-virus... At the moment of death to be prepared for the rise in frequency of the next world... God eclipse... stepping into our divinity...

Drawing upon the collective consciousness and the Akashic records... This is how evolution happens... soldiers of God on the shores of Heaven... mediumship, and compassion in everyday life... Buddha nature within us all... forging the proto-myth of the new paradigm... knights on the grail quest and being a missionary of God... Experiential podcasting at its finest with journalist Rak Razam.

Originally aired on: Dec 21, 2009