Episode 139 – Stepping Up & Speaking Out

Join immersive journalist Rak Razam and Zoe Helene, an artist and cultural activist and Psychedelic Feminist who is passionate about supporting the voices of visionaries who share her commitment to women's rights, wilderness and wildlife, and sacred psychedelic plants (and fungi). She is the founder of Cosmic Sister, an eco-feminist collective for women that connects kindred-spirit women in mutually supportive ways, working collectively toward shared goals while enhancing each individual's personal journey.

Today, she is mostly known for her work with Psychedelic Feminism, a phrase she coined to describe a sub-genre of feminism that embraces the power of the frontier field of psychedelic healing, self-liberation, inspiration, and mind/body/spirit exploration into altered states of consciousness. She focuses on safe, intentional journeying with psychedelic evolutionary allies from nature so that women can look deep inside themselves to explore core feminist issues in fresh and exciting ways. 

For more info, see https://www.zoehelene.com/zoe-helene.

Originally aired on: Dec 1, 2018