Episode 73 – The DreaMTime Invasion!

Indigenous Australian culture is at least 60,000-100,000 years old. Hidden in the unbroken tradition are the shared roots of the Vedas, in which the Acacia (Khadira) was the Vajra, the weapon of Indra. The emergence of these plant teachers and the passing on indigenous knowledge could constitute new reverse colonization of the modern world "the Dreamtime Invasion." At the heart of indigenous philosophy is the Dreamtime. It is not the past or the future; it is the eternal creation out of a pattern in the Now. The 'dot' patterns and the spirit worlds of the tryptamine space are always present, creating the external world. The ability to understand and modify 'reality' was at the core of the training of... indigenous elders with intact knowledge about these sacraments."

Join DMT-Nexus forum moderator NEN and experiential journalist Rak Razam in this revelatory interview exploring the entheogenic realms of DMT and ayahuasca & their connection to the Dreamtime Consciousness and the Global Shamanic Resurgence.

A prelude to the UK lectures of the Dreamtime Invasion UK in London and Brighton

Originally aired on: Jul 7, 2013