Episode 20 – Sufi Tetragrammaton

An experiential podcast with Rak Razam and special guest, Sufi academic Wahid Azal. In which is discussed the feminine Godhead (Sophia), which precedes the masculine Logos, the two trees of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, and the synergy between Hebrew, Islamic and Christian religions, amongst other things...

Wahid is the sheik of an Iranian Sufi mystic order that uses an ayahuasca analog-haoma-as its active sacrament. Here he expounds at length about the mystic traditions of the Middle East and the entheogenic sacraments that catalyzed them. Sufism predates Islam, and Wahid's order-Fatimiya-believes in multiple levels of divinity, where the Word of God is in the book, not the many prophets of God, and where they worship the daughter of the prophet Mohammed as the representation of the Godhead-ess.

The entheogenic use of plants within these secret sects of Sufis has been underground for millennia. It is again sprouting in some areas of the Middle East, despite persecution from the mainstream religions. Wahid discusses the ancient entheogenic use of acacias, blue lotus, psilocybin, Syrian rue and haoma as well as the unspeakable name(s) of God-in Greek, the Tetragrammaton (the four lettered name of God), the Logos, and the other trigger words to invoke the vibrational essence of the divine. Word!

Originally aired on: Jan 5, 2010