Episode 18 – Planet Seeders – an interview with Darpan

Australian ayahuasquero and shamanic practitioner Darpan is interviewed by experiential podcaster Rak Razam in this revealing talk about the sacred South American vine and the medicine of the soul. What is ayahuasca, and why is it seeding itself across the planet at this critical time? An in-depth examination of the history and uses of Madre ayahuasca and the shamanistic worldview, with detail about Darpan's origins and the significance of Terence McKenna in introducing him to the vine. How does aya help reveal the infinite levels of the world, and how do you manifest your own reality?

Darpan explains the flowering of consciousness in the astral and the planet as Gaia opens up and how the planet seeders, the programmers, are tending to the earth just as we tend to gardens... Galactivation! The bulk of the podcast is a lengthy lecture by Darpan recorded by Razam in 2006, in which Darpan expounds at length about sacred sound, ayahuasca and plant-based shamanism and beautifully sings some of his icaros while practicing Tuvan throat singing... Enjoy!

Transcribed portions of this interview were published in the print edition of The Journeybook: Travels on the Frontiers of Consciousness in 2009.

Originally aired on: Dec 15, 2009