Episode 24 – Debating the Merits of Tryptamines

A robust round table discussion was first broadcast on the Munt Warning drug harm reduction show, River FM, in Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia, in Jan 2010. Features host Paul and Jackie Onassid, with guests experiential journalist Rak Razam, Aussie plant specialist Mulga, and youth culture representative Dylan Heller.

What is the difference between entheogens and drugs, and what role does DMT or Dimethyltryptamine straddle between the two as this archaic knowledge crests in the Western consciousness? Is DMT in danger of becoming a recreational street drug, as with the leaf extract known as "Changa"? What about the religious, spiritual usage as with ayahuasca churches? Can modern culture reclaim the sacred, and is DMT the vehicle for it? Does DMT take us to the realm we go to when we die? Is it a portal to God? Are there alien entities in the hyperspace it takes one to? And what good is the knowledge of the DMT experience when we come back?

This debate covers the pros and cons, the dangers and the ineffable mysteries of DMT from a street level and a divine perspective and is invaluable listening for those psychonauts about to ingress or those who are wondering about the merits of tryptamines themselves…

Originally aired on: Jan 31, 2010