Episode 17 – Remote Viewing and Extra-Sensory Evolution

A special interview by Phe Gitsham and Rak Razam with Richard Hilleard of the Australian Remote Viewing Unit in Perth. Former US army Major Ed Dames has trained Rick as a Remote Viewer. Remote Viewing is a procedure developed by parapsychologists and gifted psychic individuals at Stanford Research Institute [SRI] in Menlo Park, California, US.

The procedure allows anyone to gather information about anything in the past, present or future. Remote Viewing has been sponsored by the CIA - the initial research program was called SCANATE [scan by coordinate]. This started in the 1970s at SRI.

Over the years, many other classified projects have been launched. Names like GRILL FLAME, CENTERLANE, SUN STREAK and STAR GATE were used for these then classified projects. Here we talk about the essence of remote Viewing, the military-corporate use of extra-sensory perception and the burgeoning science of precognition in the 21st century.

Originally aired on: Dec 10, 2009