Episode 16 – Entheogenic Communities Past, Present and Future

Is a psychedelic community merely a state of mind? Can meaningful change be manifested in the material world by an activated collective? From Elesius to the Haight Asbury, illuminated communities have pointed the way, but what would a 21st-century psychedelic community be like? How do emerging technologies and sustainability dovetail with a psychedelic future? What models can we draw upon for psychedelic community, both living, existing, past, and potential (tribes, kibbutzes, communes etc.)? What is the correct place for a workable entheogen at the core of the tribe? What went right and what went wrong in the 60s-70s back to the earth movement? Is a sustainable psychedelic community the much-needed step forward?

Panel discussion held at EntheoGenesis Australis 2009 moderated by Rak Razam, featuring speakers: Bob Jesse, Paul Abad, Neil Pike, Dan Schreiber, Rob Bruce, Kalindi

photo courtesy of Spiral Monk© 2009

Originally aired on: Dec 8, 2009