Episode 15 – REC-CHEMS: Language of the gods?

Pharmauscas glossalize and tantalize in their quest for the divine spark. What are "rec-chems", the thousands of new wave chemical compounds cataloged by bio-chemist Alexander Shulgin and others? What pathways do these compounds open up, and what do these keys say about the architecture of consciousness itself? Are rec-chems a neurochemical language of the divine, a "Neurobet" spoken only by a new wave of psychonautical translinguists? Is better living through chemistry possible, and what potentials does it offer us individually and as a species? What new maps of hyperspace do rec-chems open up? If rec-chems were integrated by society at large, would we be medicated or augmented? What are the dangers? Are rec-chems catalysts to transhumanity?

Panel discussion held at EntheoGenesis Australis 2009 moderated by Rak Razam, featuring speakers: Torsten, Martin Williams, Jeremy, Nano Brain, Julian Palmer.

photo courtesy of Spiral Monk© 2009

Originally aired on: Dec 3, 2009