Episode 22 – The Raël World

A Skype interview conducted in mid-2007, from which a feature article was printed in the Australian Penthouse. Here experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews the prophet Raël, who may or may not be the Messiah, or just a very naughty boy, to paraphrase Monty Python.

Raël claims to have had a UFO encounter in 1973 where the Elohim (the original name in the Hebrew Bible for the "sky people", later converted to "God" in Western translations) gave him the mission to be their last prophet on earth. Raël's mission is to build a space embassy in Israel (the third temple) to welcome the Elohim (and to provide sexy "Raël's Angel's" brides for our alien masters).

Raël claims the Elohim created all life on earth through their super science and cloning and that they hold the secret to eternal life. Far off in space with clones of Jesus, Mohammed and other luminaries, the Elohim watch us like a clip of "Cosmic YouTube", waiting for us to reach maturity. As whacked out as all this may sound, there are definite seeds of anthropological and mythological truth in what Raël says.

The lighthearted interview approach is a unique bro chat with perhaps the world's most controversial religious figure, the head of the global free love and alien worshipping Raëlians... Beam us up, Raël!

Originally aired on: Jan 18, 2010