Episode 30 – New MAPS of Hyperspace #1: interviews with Rick Doblin, Charles Grob, and Ralph Metzner

At the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference 2010 with experiential journalist Rak Razam:

* Rick Doblin talks about the almost 25-year history of MAPS, the Multi-Disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, the "end of the beginning of the Psychedelic Renaissance," and why Western culture is now ready for the psychedelic experience and global spirituality. Rick discusses the return of the 60s elders and the new psychedelic generation, the spiritual approach to entheogens paralleling the medical psy-resurgence, the need to turn on, tune in and stay in the culture as we integrate the numinous, and much more...

* Charles Grob outlines some of his landmark studies with entheogenic medicine, including the ayahuasca research of the early 1990s on serotonin-platelet rejuvenation after regular ayahuasca usage and the current cultural uptake; MDMA tests on volunteers and the difference between man-made and indigenous medicines; and psilocybin with late-stage cancer patients treating anxiety. Sacred medicines allow exploration of the great mysteries, Grob says, and induce mystical experiences that are at the root of all true healing...

* Ralph Metzner discusses the PTSD-MDMA tests MAPS is sponsoring and the possibility of psychedelics as a soma for the masses; his history with Tim Leary and the Harvard years, and the need to move drugs out of law enforcement and back into the public health system.

background image courtesy of Tim Parish and the Journeybook

Originally aired on: May 21, 2010