Episode 80 – Awakenings

Damon Orion interviews Rak Razam, experiential journalist and the writer-producer of the critically acclaimed shamanic documentary Aya: Awakenings. They discuss the nature of the indigenous shamanic realm that is coming back into the Western understanding, the role of jaguars in the archetypal landscape, and the difference between the two world paradigms and how they define altered states. The role of western media makers in mapping the invisible landscape is defined, as is the healing benefits of entheogens and re-connecting to spirit, and the deep mystical profundity of the 5-Me0 immersion.

The film, which Orion called "A multi-sensory, multi-dimensional mindblower, leaving the viewer stunned, invigorated, and filled with reverent awe for the Great Mystery," is available now on Video On Demand. Damon Orion is a journalist, editor, and ghostwriter in Santa Cruz, California. His work has appeared in publications like Spirituality & Health, Revolver, High Times, Common Ground, Austin Monthly, Massage Magazine, and the MAPS Bulletin, as well as in such webzines as Reality Sandwich, Acceler8or, and New Realities. He can be reached through his website. Read the cover story article in the Santa Cruz Good Times newspaper - Tales of the Vine

The groundbreaking shamanic documentary Aya: Awakenings is now available for viewing and download on Vimeo on Demand. You can read the book that inspired the film and join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Originally aired on: Jan 20, 2014