Episode 143 – The Road to Wirikuta

Join immersive journalist Rak Razam, and filmmaker Niles Heckman live on the shoot for episode 2 of Shamans of the Global Village, on the road to Wirikuta, where the sacred Peyote cactus grows.

Together they discuss the pilgrimage made by the Huichol people and their medicine men, the Marakames, the hardships and sacrifices of the journey, and the delicate responsibility of filming their sacred ceremonies. Listen to a heartfelt sharing of the role of scared medicines, the re-connection to mother Gaia, the role of ceremony, music, song, and the secret sauce of life itself wooing us back into connection.

This is how we remember the sacred in a profane world. This is the journey home. This is… the Road to Wirikuta…

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Originally aired on: Apr 1, 2019