Episode 71 – The Teafaerie

Tea tidings with the Teafaerie at MAPS Psychedelic Science 2013 conference. Who IS the Teafaerie, and how does she manifest the psychedelic dream? The Teafaerie has been an avid entheogenic explorer her entire adult life, and she has served as ground control for well over 100 trips. A real-life superheroine, we discuss the burgeoning meme of superhumanity, the Ultraculture, and the roots of this post-human possibility in the conscious festival scene and psychedelic culture worldwide.

Teafaerie writes for Erowid on all aspects of psychedelics and virtuality. Her Western take on the shamanic realms from a data-information space is a valuable signpost in the cultural cosmovisions. Discover the secrets of 420 and the Teafaerie's secret origin in the Rainbow Tribe. Philip K Dick is channeled. The seed dream of the Jedi Temple, a training academy in the shamanic arts, is explored in this gonzo interview with experiential journalist Rak Razam. Victory for all!

Originally aired on: Apr 29, 2013