Episode 107 – Shaman, Jesus, Lover

Join an intimate bro chat with experiential journalist Rak Razam, The Electric Jesus's author, co-founder of Reality Sandwich and the Evolver network (the Velvet Underground of its day), Jonathan Talat Phillips. Listen as they discuss Gnostic Christianity and energy work, as well as Talat's own personal shamanautic journey through the last decade of Burning Man and the evolving countercultural networks of the West.

Talat has an irreverent, holistic approach to consciousness and reminds us of the cosmic joke and keeps things light in a dark world. He teaches self-pleasure, tantra and the Fuck Yeah Frequency, and reclaiming the God and Goddess within an androgynous, gender-fluid reclamation of the sexual eros energy for personal and planetary healing. Are we undergoing a 'quantum rebirth' of sensuality, identity, archetypes and god forms? How can we express our cosmic natures? Can psychonauts explore consciousness in its full spectrum of mind, body and soul? Let's GALACTIVATE, baby!

For more info: https://www.psychonaut-talat.com

Originally aired on: Mar 31, 2016