In Jan, 2006 Rak Razam blazed a path as one of the world's premier gonzo journalists. He was goaded into action by the 100th birthday symposium for Albert Hofmann hosted Jan 13-16th, 2006 in Basel, Switzerland. REBIRTH: The Psychedelic Movement Comes of Age is the classical Beatnikian gonzo reporting of the early 00's. "In the End I was cast out of the alchemists’ den, a lost mystic exile from the beats, wandering the naked streets of Basel at dawn and transmitting a lovely fix. I was high on acid, a green tab of Hofmann’s bicycle wheel I had reverently acquired from the Californian High Priest nights before, high in the hotel room overlooking the tram depot opposite the Basel Congress Centre. Site of the conference diabolique with Dr. Albert Hofmann, the 100 year old Alchemist that birthed LSD – the ‘Problem Child’ that switched on the world.."