Episode 92 – Evolutionary

It's 2015, find the OTHERS! Join experiential journalist Rak Razam as he talks with the Executive Director of the International Evolver Network Magenta Imagination Healer about another world that is sprouting from the cracks of the old. Evolver connects individuals and 'spores' into a global network that supports multiplatform initiatives to sustain a new paradigm society, from permaculture to urban farming, shamanism, new economies and social resilience, co-operative timeshares and food co-ops, and so much more.

But how does one best evolve a modern distributed network that facilitates individuals and still achieves consensus? How can we have the right relationship with the earth and draw upon indigenous tribal logistics without misappropriation? How does a global network facilitate knowledge about plant medicines and non-denominational spirituality without becoming a cult? How to best embrace global diversity while creating the support structure for common change? Is the R-Evolution upon us, and will Russell Brand be at the fore? Seize the future today! You are not alone!

For more info, see: https://www.evolvernetworkwork.org

Originally aired on: Jan 1, 2015