Episode 91 – Cosmic Christ

art montage: Alex Grey/ Matthew Fox

Experiential journalist Rak Razam talks with brilliant theologian, author and religious heretic Matthew Fox, once an ordained Dominican priest, expelled by Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict) for his radical theological leanings. Fox later joined the Episcopalian church to redefine ritual and worship for the 21st century and find ways to make religion matter in the modern world. He formed a series of rituals called "The Cosmic Mass," which he still runs to this day, that blends trance/dance and the rave as a techno religion for the masses to bring direct experiential consciousness back into religion under the doctrine of "creation spirituality".

Does the original biblical idea of the "Cosmic Christ" parallel modern shamanic and scientific understandings? Fox discusses the perils of Western "fast mysticism", fad spiritualities, and the need for authentic elders, as he delineates in his recent book Occupy Spirituality. How can modern mystics, spiritual warriors and prophets be in service to the global community? How can we balance the healthy sacred masculine with the sacred feminine to sidestep dogma and express joy in our spiritual relationships, to be warriors for the planet? Can ritual help us face negativity and suffering in the world and be creative and transformative? Is this the beginning of a new religious consciousness?

For more info, see: https://www.matthewfox.org

Originally aired on: Dec 1, 2014