Episode 78 – Psilohuasca

Experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews a legal psilocybin shamanic facilitator from the Netherlands, Olli, where the mushroom sclerotia ('Philosopher Stones') are a legal thing to possess and ingest. Olli has been working with mushrooms for over 20 years. Here we discuss potentiating them with an MAO-inhibitor, just like ayahuasca does in its brew and the benefits of 'psilohuacsa'. We examine the issues around ayahuasca and its resource management, the advantages of locally-sourced entheogens in native settings, and the role of the magic mushroom as a global sacrament for healing and enlightenment.

The role of neo-shamans like Olli in the West using entheogenic sacraments and the history of mushroom use in Europe is explored. Moreover, Olli discusses the heart-opening, ego-dissolving experience of high dose psilocybin to bring us back into unity consciousness and the need for such remembrances in today's world. For more info, see https://www.psilohuasca.com

Originally aired on: Nov 29, 2013