Episode 76 – Rites of Passage and Conscious Festival Culture

Experiential journalist Rak Razam talks with DJ and "post-rave intentional dance community advocate and facilitator" Sobey Wing about conscious festival culture and the evolution of the tribal mind. Many societies have rites of passage for initiation and marking milestones in personal and tribal evolution. Today's conscious festival culture provides a space where that initiation can happen.

But how can we learn from and embrace indigenous cultures without appropriating them? Can we use the sacred songs of the land to reconnect us in our dance and "reindigenize" the West? How can we balance hedonism with radical community, capitalist modes of festivals with sustainability and spirituality? How can we use the Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) of festivals as incubators for new modes of tribal evolution that can be integrated into the larger mainstream culture? A provoking discussion on the past, present and future of the global tribe as a planetary civilization in the making.

Art: Adam Taylor

Originally aired on: Oct 3, 2013