Episode 75 – A Revolution in Consciousness

Experiential journalist Rak Razam talks with journalist and filmmaker Charles Shaw (the Exile Nation) about the consciousness revolution and the value of the psychedelic and shamanic experience in today's culture, on the point of global collapse. The history of the counterculture has been interwoven with not just that of the mainstream but of black ops like MK-Ultra detouring and shaping the cultural history.

From claims of Gordon Wasson's involvement with the elites and CIA to the use of LSD as a soma for the anti-war movement, are things that different from today's 'conscious festival culture'? Has the revolutionary act of altered states been commodified and controlled, and are we in a state of collective denial about the context and proper use of transcendence? Are neo-shamans and the New Age movement experiencing spiritual growth in a planetary battery farm? Can we explore the shadow within ourselves and the planetary shadow to collectively strategize ways forward, in the face of authoritarian control?

For more information, see Charles' talk:
Exploring Truth in the Shadows: the Repressive Forces Against the Consciousness Movement.

Art: Beau Deeley

Originally aired on: Sep 2, 2013