Episode 35 – Master Shaman

In our first bilingual episode, experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews Mancoluto of the Chimbre Shamanic center in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Mancoluto claims to be one of only five master shamans in the world and a descendant of the legendary Chavin shamanic civilization that existed for 100,000 years in Peru, long before the Incas.

Listen as Mancoluto recounts the secret history of Antediluvian times and the shamanic connection to Atlantis, Lemuria, and back through the stars... This controversial interview explores human concepts of "love" versus higher universal powers the beings Mancoluto believes possess; our inter-dimensional nature; and Mancoluto's plans to catalyze "future humans" with these higher abilities those with the right genetic heritage once possessed in ancient times and is now becoming available to us all...

With translation and additional comments by Rob Velez, Director of Chimbre and Nick Heyming. Original photo by Tom Askew.

Originally aired on: Jul 8, 2010