Episode 31 – New MAPS of Hyperspace #2: interviews with Sasha Shulgin, Mountain Girl and Alex and Allison Grey

At the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference 2010 with experiential journalist Rak Razam:

* In perhaps his last public interview, Sasha Shulgin shares his thoughts on the future of psychedelics and the repositioning of 'drugs' in culture; the thrill of the chase in exploring virginal molecular landscapes and bringing back chemical maps; rules for safe ingestion and active levels of compounds... and the revelation of the most potent drug there is...

* Carolyn (Adams) Garcia, aka Mountain Girl, tells of her time in the boys club of the Merry Pranksters, hanging with Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey, and the gender politics of being the only girl with a motorbike for a thousand miles around La Honda in the early 60s... From the Pranksters to the Grateful Dead and her marriage to Jerry Garcia, Mountain Girl has always been an integral part of the hippie tribe. Here she reveals the lessons of the infamous Acid Tests, the failure of "group mind", and her advice for women entering the psychedelic scene...

* Alex and Allison Grey talk about the entheogenic origins of art and the mystic state of religion; the spiritual renaissance catalyzed by entheogens and a hunger for the transcendent; shamanic art and anchoring energy into this realm; the mapping of hyperspace by a generation of new psychedelic artists, and COSM - the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and the Grey's mission to create a permanent home for visionary art...

Sasha Shulgin pic courtesy Pati Lyall
Mountain Girl pic courtesy of Lianne Gillooly
Ralph Metzner pic courtesy of the web
psychedelic background courtesy of Tim Parish and The Journeybook

Originally aired on: Jun 4, 2010