Episode 21 – Collective Messiahs

An illuminating conversation with experiential podcaster Rak Razam, Dylan and Danny Horvath-the God Club-in which they discuss feeding the noosphere, blossoming divinity and the Western ego, and feeding back to the Source.

Should we fear feeding and being fed upon by higher dimensional forces like lambs to the slaughter? Feeding heaven and feeding the earth... Should we shun the Hive mind or embrace the way the individual units make up the whole? How best to be conscious of the web of life we are all part of and feed into?

Can we surrender into the larger collective organism? How to cope with having the shell of you cracked open on the shores of heaven to reveal your God-nature within... in every moment... A species signal activation is peaking in the gene pool... Discover the profound secret in the heart of all humanity in this intense episode of In a Perfect World...

Originally aired on: Jan 11, 2010