Episode 116 – From the Darkness, the Light

Many cultures have had the idea of retreating to complete darkness to initiate an alchemical transformation of consciousness that brings about the spiritual light. PRISM is a spiritual seeker that attended a dark room ritual in Thailand, and here with experiential journalist Rak Razam they discuss endogenous tryptamines, 5-MeO-DMT and the light within, and the process of the darkroom ritual.

The Tao says the dark turns into the light; science says that in darkness for sufficient time, tryptophan in the brain will produce pinoline, 5-MeO-DMT and N,N, DMT. What is the process of a dark room ritual like?

Could YOU stay ten days in total, unrelenting darkness, taking care of all your bodily functions? In these revolutionary times, are we undergoing planetary darkness whose object is a similar pressure to reveal our own light?

Visit more of PRISM at: pyroofsouls.com, and for one example of a dark room retreat, see: www.jasmuheen.com/event-tour-calen…darkroom-retreat

Originally aired on: Jan 4, 2017