Episode 120 – Consciousness v Catastrophe

Experiential journalist Rak Razam meets Dr. Gillian Ross, author of Consciousness v Catastrophe: Reflections on the Next Stage of Human Evolution. Do the current global crises besetting humanity call for a revolution of consciousness and a renaissance of mystical or Evolutionary Spirituality?

Is the universe becoming conscious of itself through us? Is the age of the ego fading, and are we entering an age of self-awareness of being emanations or ‘snowflakes’ of the Divine?

How can we anchor this transpersonal self beyond peak experiences? Tune in to a delightful wisdom bouquet from a self-described Christian Buddhist yogi/mystic with a penchant for Taoism and learn insightful practices to nurture your snowflake Divine self.

For more information, visit www.drgillianross.com

Art: Mark Henson - markhensonart.com

Originally aired on: May 2, 2017