Episode 102 – Word

Join Dr. C. Scott Taylor, BSocSc (Hons); Ph.D., and experiential journalist, Rak Razam in this chance encounter back in May 2015, as these two mystic seekers of ancient knowledge meet in the Brisbane international airport.

What IS language all about? What is the connection between the ‘flower of life’ and Metatron’s Cube? What is a ‘Merkabah’, and how can one activate it without being destroyed?

What is the connection to the Kabalah and ancient meditation techniques? What is the ‘Language of Form’? How does love under will drive the whole celestial network? Listen to this digital mystery school in which sacred geometry and the ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit languages, the ‘gesture’ language of Stan Tenen and the idea that language is literally alive and the Word of God are discussed…

Do mudras and asanas embody a living language of the Logos incarnating in the flesh-made Word? Is this Sacred Semiotics? Are we all part of a cosmic initiation underway?

Scott can be contacted via his blog: dolphinembassy.blogspot.com/

Art: Ari Lazer travelingalchemists.com/previous-work…gital-artwork