Episode 62 – I of the SUN

In ancient days the sun was worshiped as a living entity, life giver and destroyer, all wrapped in one. Entire cultures sacrificed and fed energy to the sun, understanding that the delicate cosmic web must be maintained and that the process of life works both ways. As we near the time of galactic alignment on Dec 21st, 2012, the sun and our solar system have risen above the galactic plane and are now bombarded with intense galactic energies.

The sun is changing, waking, and the earth is following suit as solar flares affect our magnetic field and change consciousness itself. Join experiential journalist Rak Razam, shamanic practitioner Darpan and the visionary founder of Starseed Gardens Dan Schreiber in an intimate tribal discussion about the living sun and its connection to the sun within, how to cleanse and heal our energy bodies and the assist the process of true illumination.

Originally aired on: Aug 6, 2012